A Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Holistic Pain Management Lab

Managing pain is unique to each individual patient as there is no single quick fix. While some conditions have specific treatment paths, others don’t, and as pain is experienced differently by all individuals, the treatment process and planning may differ each time. Whether living with acute or chronic pain, we believe taking a holistic approach to pain management is by the most effective way of achieving a pain-free or close to pain-free live.

A holistic approach to pain management means placing an emphasis on living healthily and promoting your own wellness as well as exploring convention and complementary treatment methods. Experiencing pain can be all encompassing. It can impact on all areas of your life from family to employment to the ability to move, walk and even talk in the same way. Pain management plans are unique to the individual as the impact the pain has on their life differs from person to person.

Your own pain management plan can be put together holistically with the help of the Holistic Pain Management Lab.

Understanding Holistic Pain Management

Traditional pain management techniques focus on treating the pain itself. You may be given specific medication relating to your pain for example, which will alleviate the pain itself, but not do much more than this.

A holistic approach to pain management is different as it involves medication as just one aspect of treatment. Medication will still be a part of the treatment but the impact of this medication on the body as a whole will be assessed. Medications which impact sleep quality or mood may be avoided to look for options with easier to manage side effects. It may be possible to consider complementary or alternative treatments as well as to reduce the need for conventional medications. No medication will be discontinued without reason and patients are never asked to completely stop any treatment suddenly without a plan in place.

Alternative treatments include a range of well-known and practised therapies. Treatments such as acupuncture, therapeutic massage and Ozone therapy may be offered in conjunction with other therapies. While some treatments may not seem to focus on the pain in particular,  they may help with general wellness and health by alleviating stress and other triggers of pain.

Mental wellbeing and recognising stressors and triggers of pain is key to holistic pain management. Your all-round health, including how you are managing mentally, is key to managing any health condition. At the Holistic Pain Management Lab, we recognise the importance of supporting our patients psychological wellbeing as well as working to improve their physical health and fitness.

We work with each of our patients to focus on their personal situation and that alone. All treatment is individually tailored and all patients have the opportunity to explore different methods to manage and alleviate their pain.

Exploring An Holistic Approach to Pain Management

The Holistic Pain Management Lab gives patients the opportunity to explore alternative medicine as a supplement to their existing pain treatment. Patients also have the opportunity to look at different conventional pain treatments to find the right combination of medicines to treat their specific pain.

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