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Holistic Pain Management Lab

Utilise the latest treatment methods, developments and unparalleled levels of patient care to manage acute pain of many different kinds.  We help and treat patients with acute and chronic pain of many different types and are dedicated to minimising if not eradicating the pain altogether.


Our pain management centre is focused on dealing with acute and chronic pain using Conventional and Complementary therapies.  While pain can be considered subjective, there are clinical ways of measuring it to help with treatment and pain management. The McGill Scale is one globally accepted measurement of pain and pain perception used by our centre. Health specialists ask patients to rate their pain between 0 and 10, with 10 being the utmost insufferable pain and from here, treatment can begin.

About Dr Triantafillia Dimou

Dr Triantafillia Dimou was born in Karpenisi, Greece, where she studied Medicine at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Dr Dimou specialised and completed her residency as an Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Medicine at Evaggelismos Hospital in Athens and Nottingham City Hospital in the UK.  Her specialism in pain management began in 2005 while working at a co-located pain management centre based in Athens.  She is also in charge of the pain management clinic at 2 private hospitals in Athens.  With an extensive background in pain management and Anaesthesiology, Dr Dimou is passionate about providing patients with a holistic approach to managing their pain.

She acts regularly as a medico-legal expert and has experience in medico-legal report writing – for example RTA, where patients suffer from whiplash, low back pain, or other neuropathic pain as a result of an accident or incidence.

To maintain her high level of experience and knowledge in the latest pain management treatments and techniques, Dr Dimou attends regular seminars and workshops. She also supports and helps with the management of private pain management clinics and centres in Cyprus.

Defining the Different Types of Pain

Acute pain is defined as unexpected emergence of pain which doesn’t last more than three months. It differs from chronic pain and is usually easier to treat. Chronic pain can last much longer than three months and often occurs in places which are hard to treat and manage, often as the pain is internal. Our focus is ensuring your pain is taken seriously and assessed fully so the right treatments can be provided.

Mrs Dimou is a member of the British Medical Association as well as the following additional associations:

Hellenic Society of Algology
Hellenic Society of Anaesthesiology
International Association for the study of pain
British Pain Society
British Acupuncture society
Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine
Cyprus Medical Council
British Association of Medical Hypnosis

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If you are struggling with pain which you cannot alleviate then professional pain management is the next step. To arrange an appointment with any of our clinics to discuss your pain simply get in touch.

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