Living with any level of back pain is a trial, but when it becomes unmanageable then seeking medical help is essential. Alternative pain management for back pain involves looking at a range of therapies to treat the pain and alleviate the symptoms it creates. Back pain can make normal day to day life very difficult and when left untreated, can develop into something more severe including disability. Seeing a pain specialist is essential for helping to manage your pain effectively.

At the Holistic Pain Management Lab we offer a range of alternative pain management for back pain and look to find causes for any pain so we can treat them quickly and in the most effective way.

Diagnosing Back Pain

Most back pain can be put down to general wear and tear. It is usually linked to mechanical conditions such as issues with the facet joints, muscles or discs within and around the spine. There are a number of serious back conditions such as disc herniation, severe infections and fractures to the spine. Using advanced scanning techniques such as MRI we can explore any issues in and around the spine before organising any treatment. Diagnosis and treatment includes:

  1. Full medical assessment by a qualified health professional experienced in pain management
  2. Full medical history assessment and analysis to gain- a greater understanding of the back pain
  3. Spine and neurological examinations
  4. Any necessary scans such as MRI scanning and X-Rays to find the root cause or exact location of the pain

After diagnosis or assessment of the pain, a treatment plan can begin.

Alternative Pain Management Treatments

At the Holistic Pain Management Lab, we offer a vast range of treatments, fully tailored to each individual patient. Treatment will differ dependent on pre-existing conditions and any other medical concerns, as well as due to the specific type and location of the pain. Treatments may include a combination of:

  • Drug injections including steroids, pain relief and other medications to help minimise the pain symptoms. Drug injections may be peripheral or subarachnoid dependent on the individual patient.
  • Peripheral nerve and spinal cord stimulation
  • Radio frequency application
  • Complementary therapies including acupuncture and ozone therapy

Seeking Treatment for Back Pain

We offer a range of alternative treatment for back pain so patients can find a way to manage their pain and move forward with their lives. You can make an appointment with the Holistic Pain Management Lab via telephone or email.