Back Pain

How We Can Help

Back pain can be completely debilitating and can make it hard to even leave bed. It can impact your life to a level which means you cannot carry on with your normal daily activities. Leaving back pain untreated can lead to further injury or even more pain, so it is important to get your pain treated as soon as you can. At the Holistic Pain Management Lab we assess each patient as an individual, taking time to consider the type and location of your back pin.

If you are living with constant back pain or bouts of pain which are unmanageable, arrange an appointment today.

Diagnosing your Back Pain

Most back pain is caused by lifestyle choices and the way we sit and stand. Often bad posture is the cause of pain in the back, but this isn’t always the case. Pain often comes through the discs, facet joint and other spinal structures.

The diagnosis process at the Holistic Pain Management Lab involves a full consultation discussing your medical history and your family medical history. Talking through previous medication or pain management plans can help us ascertain the best way forward and if you are without a specific diagnosis for your back pain, further tests and examinations can be carried out.

Testing such as scans and blood tests can be organised swiftly so you have answers and a pathway forward as quickly as possible.

Treatment of Back Pain

Treating back pain is highly dependent on the type of pain a patient is experiencing and whether it is linked to other health conditions. At the Holistic Pain Management Lab we offer a combination of traditional pain management treatments and complementary therapies to suit the individual patient. Treatment may include:

The latest analgesic medicines
Orthopaedic therapy and access to surgical treatments if necessary
Procedures specific to joints or areas in the back such as epidural, sacroiliac joint injections and facet joints injections
A fully individualised treatment plan which may incorporate therapies such as acupuncture if necessary.

The options suitable to each individual will differ significantly. Open communication and a wide range of treatment options ensure all patients can make an informed choice going forward. For some back pain treatment may be simple, and the pain will be alleviated quickly. In other cases, it may be a longer journey to the right treatment option. In all cases we work tirelessly to ensure the best and most effective pain management for all our patients.

Making an Appointment

If you are living with severe or unmanageable back pain, we can help. You can get in touch today to book in an appointment at our clinic and we’ll arrange your initial appointment to begin assessing and treating your pain. Contact us to find out more or to make an appointment.