There are many diagnosable conditions which can result in acute or chronic pain.

Having a diagnosis can help with the pain management and care process, but it isn’t always necessary. At the Holistic Pain Management Lab, we work tirelessly to help alleviate and treat pain where the symptoms may or may not match a specific condition.

We can help individuals living with pain due to the following conditions:

General Pain/Syndromes

Not all pain can be classified or linked to a specific condition or even type of pain such as nerve or joint pain. This doesn’t mean treatment can’t be sought and we work to ensure any kind of acute or chronic pain can be managed effectively, helping to improve the daily lives of our patients. Many general conditions and syndromes result in pain which is difficult to manage. We can help manage and treat conditions including:

Neck Pain
Postoperative Pains
Spinal Stenosis
Intervertebral Disc Hernia

These lists and options are far from exhaustive and we urge anyone dealing with unmanageable or severe pain to contact us. We can make a full assessment and help organise a treatment and care plan to help.


There are over 100 conditions classified as arthritis, which is defined as almost any disorder which affects the joints and results in inflammation. We can provide support and treatment for many different types of arthritis including:

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Neuralgia is the medical term for nerve pain and can manifest in many different ways. Nerve pin can be symptomatic of particular conditions, a result of trauma or seemingly appear from nowhere. We can provide treatment, care and pain management for neuralgia of many kinds including:

Postural Neuralgia
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Peripheral Nephropathy
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Sciatica
Carpal Cancer Pains
Carpal Post-traumatic Pain