Groin Pain

Pain in the groin can be acute and agonising but doesn’t usually last long. If you are suffering from persistent or chronic groin pain it could be down to a number of different conditions or underlying problems. Groin pain is commonly due to problems in the hip joint, hernias or because of neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain in the groin area is usually iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal and/or genitofemoral neuralgias. There are many other causes of groin pain which can only be ascertained if a visit to a specialist is arranged. At The Holistic Pain Management Lab we work with you to find out the potential causes and type of pain you are living with, so we can then organise a suitable treatment plan.

Diagnosing Groin Pain

There are many possible causes of groin pain which means full medical assessment is necessary. You may know the original cause of your pain, particularly if it was an injury, and from there you can move forward and begin to look at how to have the pain treated. When no cause is known then further diagnostic processes can be arranged.

Once you are booked in for consultation with us you can expect:

A full medical assessment
Discussion and evaluation of your medical history and your family’s medical history, particularly in relation to this specific type of pain
Medical examination of the area causing pain
Additional testing if necessary such as X-Ray, blood tests and ultrasounds
A fully personalised treatment plan

We appreciate asking for help with pain in one of the more intimate regions of the body can be difficult or embarrassing for some patients. We assure you the highest levels of professionalism are delivered at all times and our focus is solely getting to the root of your pain and treating it effectively.

Treatment of Groin Pain

The specialist treatment of groin pain depends on the type of pain suffered. Unlike other types of pain groin pain can be found to be linked to musculoskeletal problems or nerve or neuropathic problems and these types of pain require different types of treatment.

For groin pain due to musculoskeletal issues patients can expect the best analgesic treatment as well as optional hip joint injections, including steroid injections. Physical therapy may also be possible. Groin pain due to neuropathic pain may be treated with the best antineuropathic medication, nerve blocks and radio frequency treatments.

The treatment relevant for your condition or pain will be discussed at length with you so you can make an informed decision.

Making an Appointment

Groin pain can be debilitating and should be treated by a specialist in pain medicine. We can help diagnose and treat your pain, alleviating the symptoms effectively. Please get in touch today to book in an appointment at our clinic and we’ll arrange your initial appointment to begin assessing and treating your pain. Contact us to find out more or to make an appointment.