Holistic Pain Management Clinic in London

Holistic Pain Management Lab

Living with pain on a daily basis is something no one should suffer with.  Offering pain management care, this Holistic Pain Management Clinic London patients can visit ensures all different types of pain are treated in the right way. Patients receive care specific to their exact pain levels and type of pain, ensuring they can live a pain-free life, or their symptoms are much better managed.

No two people experience pain in the same way and our specialises ensure that all pain is treated holistically and in a way which 100% suits the individual in question.

Specific Pain Conditions

The Holistic Pain Management Lab is also able to treat pain related to particular conditions. Key conditions which we see patients with include:


Over 100 individual conditions are classified as kinds of arthritis. It refers to almost all disorders which affect the joints and causes inflammation. We treat all kinds of arthritic pain including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.


Neuralgia is the term used in medical circles for nerve pain. Nerve pain can be a sign of other conditions or it can simply need treating on its own. It can seemingly appear from nowhere or be a result of trauma or accident. We work with patients with all kinds of neuralgia, focusing in on ensuring the pain is treated in the most effective way.

Appointments at the Holistic Pain Management Lab London

We offer appointments for clients with a wide range of pain conditions and types of pain. You can arrange appointments directly with our team via telephone on 07586 073 497 or email: trdimou@yahoo.gr.