Holistic Pain Management Harley Street, London

Holistic Pain Management Lab

The Holistic Pain Management Lab is a unique and patient-centred practice helping patients with many different types of pain. Based in the heart of central London, we’re able to offer personalised holistic pain management in Harley Street, London, utilising both traditional and complementary therapies.

The Holistic Pain Management Lab utilises the most effective and well-researched methods and treatments for managing acute and chronic pain. The pain may be related to particular medical conditions or a general pain syndrome, both of which are commonly treated by the team at the centre.

Diagnosing Pain

Our convenient location and commitment to the sole purpose of helping people living with unmanageable pain means we are able to offer extremely personalised and specific treatments to all of our patients. New patients can attend clinic appointments and discuss their pain to ascertain the right kinds of treatment and diagnosis, where applicable.

We always say that pain is subjective experience but there are tools for measuring and testing the different levels people experience. We utilise the globally accepted McGill Scale as an effective tool for measuring pain, through which we can then help find the right treatments for each individual. Our health specialists ask all patients to rate their pain on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most painful and this allows us to work out an effective treatment plan.

Treating Pain Holistically

Patients looking for holistic pain management in Harley Street, London can benefit for the quality of care and depth of experience and knowledge offered by the Holistic Pain Management Hub. Treatments available for different conditions will usually combine traditional and probably familiar methods as well as complementary therapies. Dependent on the location, type and severity of pain, patients may receive the following pain treatments:

  • Drug injections: both peripheral and subarachnoid injections may be offered dependent on the condition or type of pain.
  • Spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Nerve blocking and destruction treatments
  • Radio frequency application

Complementary therapies may also be offered to help improve the general wellbeing and minimise the symptoms around the area in pain. Therapies can help to further pain relief and improve mobility too. The Holistic Pain Management Lab is able to offer a wide range of complementary therapies including acupuncture, bioresonance, chiropractic therapies and ozone therapy. Patients may find some or all of these treatments are suitable for their particular pain.

Appointments for Holistic Pain Management in Harley Street, London

Anybody suffering any level of pain may want to seek further advice and treatment. Both acute and chronic pain can be treated effectively at the Holistic Pain Management Lab. It is located at 4 Harley Street and patients can contact us directly to make appointments. You can make contact via telephone on: 07586 073 497 or email: trdimou@yahoo.gr.