Holistic Pain Management Lab

Holistic Pain Management

The Holistic Pain Management Lab is a leading London-based centre focused on helping people deal with both acute and chronic pain. The pain experienced by each individual is unique which is why our specialists work with all patients on an individual basis.

We work to define the type of pain each patient is living with so we can create a tailored treatment plan and help alleviate as many symptoms of the pain as possible. The clinic is run by Dr Triantafillia Dimou who has specialised in pain management throughout her career. Alongside Dr Dimou is a team of specialist health practitioners.

About Dr Triantafillia Dimou, Holistic Pain Management Lab

Dr Dimou trained initially at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens before specialising during her residency. She specialised as an Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Medicine at Evaggelismos Hospital in Athens and Nottingham City Hospital. Pain management became her core interest by 2005 and she began working in a pain management centre based in Athens, as well as running additional private clinics in the city.

Her experience in pain management and anaesthesiology has ensured she’s developed a holistic approach to pain management and treating the individual for their particular symptoms of pain. Dr Dimou is also committed to learning the newest techniques and therapies, ensuring she attends regular workshops and seminars relevant to developments in pain management.

Understanding and Defining Pain

The Holistic Pain Management Lab treats both acute and chronic pain. These two key types of pain are distinctly different and may require different approaches in treatment.

Acute pain is when an unexpected and unmanageable emergence of pain occurs. It doesn’t last longer than three months but may be severe and cause difficulties in day-to-day living throughout this time. It is usually much easier to treat than chronic pain due to its shorter timescale.

Chronic pain is an insistent and constant pain which doesn’t appear to go away, in three months or any longer timescale. Chronic pain may incorporate particularly bad periods or flashes of pain but the pain itself remains constant on some level. At the Holistic Pain Management Lab our focus is understanding and taking your pain seriously, so we can move forward and find the right treatment.

Holistic Treatment and Psychological Support

Our treatments incorporate everything necessary to help alleviate the pain you are experiencing. This can be a combination of regular and conventional treatment methods such as pain killers and injections, with complementary therapies offered too. We often find a combination of both kinds of treatment can be most effective in helping our patients live pain-free or as close to that as possible.

All of our patients also have access to psychological support throughout their treatment and from their first appointment. We appreciate the real difficulties living with daily pain can bring and how it can be emotionally draining. Managing your pain may mean you need to adapt to a new way of life and our team are ready to help you approach and manage this too.

Appointments at the Holistic Pain Management Lab London

We offer appointments for clients with a wide range of pain conditions and types of pain. You can arrange appointments directly with our team via telephone on 07586 073 497 or email: trdimou@yahoo.gr.