As the most moveable joint in the human body, the shoulder is also at very high risk of discomfort, dislocation and is often a source of pain. Being the most moveable joint also makes it the most unstable and this can lead to significant pain for many people. It can be an agonising and acute experience or a constant, persistent ache. In both instances it can be indicative of a wide range of specific conditions.

Shoulder pain is commonly caused by:
Trauma leading to rotator cuff tear or sprain
Frozen shoulder

Constant or unbearable pain in the shoulder should not be left untreated. If your shoulder joint is causing you this level of pain, contact us at the Holistic Pain Management Lab to find the right treatment plan.

Diagnosing your Shoulder Pain

Painful shoulders can limit your ability to get on with your day to day life and any pain should be diagnosed and treated swiftly.

Once you are booked in for consultation with us you can expect:
A full medical assessment
Discussion and evaluation of your medical history and your family’s medical history
Medical examination of the area causing pain
Additional testing if necessary such as X-Ray, blood tests and ultrasounds
A fully personalised treatment plan

Treatment of Shoulder Pain

Each patient experiences pain in a unique way which can impact on diagnosis. No two shoulder pain patients will receive exactly the same treatment plan and once a plan is put in place tweaks can be made to ensure it is alleviating the pain in the most effective way. We keep communication channels wide so you can discuss any concerns or problems and more treatments can be considered.

Your individual treatment plan for your shoulder pain could include:
The latest analgesic medication
Minimally invasive pain management procedures and therapies
Steroid injections, both directly into and around the painful joint area
Nerve blocking and radio frequency treatment
Physical therapy for the shoulder
Complementary therapies such as acupuncture

These are just some of the options available and the treatment offered will depend highly on the type of pain and any underlying conditions contributing to it.

Making an Appointment

If you are living with acute or persistent pain in your shoulder joint or the wider area, you can arrange an appointment with our team today. You can get in touch today to book in your appointment at our clinic and we’ll arrange your initial appointment to begin assessing and treating your pain. Contact us to find out more or to make an appointment.