Hip and Knee

Hip and Knee Pain

Pain in the hips and knees is usually something that comes with age, but in any instance, if you are suffering from pain in your legs, hips and knees, professional help is recommended. If left untreated pain in both the hips and pain and become severe quite rapidly and can result in significant damage to the joints and even the bones. Both the hips and knees are under daily pressure as we walk, sit and stand. Conditions such as arthritis considerably speed up the deterioration of the joints but general inflammation to the tendons, joints and muscles can also cause pain in the joints.

Not dealing with hip and/or knee pain can lead to a significant worsening in your mobility and from there your independence and ability to enjoy your day to day life. Issues with both the joints and soft tissues can be dealt with effectively with the right pain treatment.

Diagnosing Hip and Knee Pain

An accurate diagnosis of hip and/or knee pain is only possible from a qualified and experienced specialist. Your GP should refer you for specialist treatment and by attending a pain management clinic you will receive focused clinical assessment on your pain and its potential underlying causes. Following this will be further diagnostic testing if necessary before the commencement of your treatment plan.

The diagnosis process may include:
A full medical assessment
Discussion and evaluation of your medical history and your family’s medical history
Medical examination of the area causing pain
Additional testing if necessary such as X-Ray, blood tests and ultrasounds

A fully personalised treatment plan can be put together after full examination, testing and assessment.

Treatment of Hip and Knee Pain

The worry for people living with hip and knee pain is that surgery is the only option. Hip replacement is becoming more common, but it isn’t the first choice by any means and there are plenty of other treatment options. Your treatment plan may incorporate physical therapies, steroid injections, pain medication and complementary therapies where necessary.

Each treatment plan for hip pain and knee pain is tailored to the individual buy may include:
The latest analgesic medication
Minimally invasive pain management procedures and therapies
Steroid injections, both directly into and around the painful joint area
Nerve blocking and radio frequency treatment
Complementary therapies such as acupuncture
Specific physical therapies
Surgical options where deemed necessary

Making an Appointment

If you are living with pain in your hips and knees, or in both, get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can get in touch today to book in an appointment at our clinic and we’ll arrange your initial appointment to begin assessing and treating your pain. Contact us to find out more or to make an appointment.